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Working for a modern commercial law-firm takes more than excellent legal skills. It is also vital to have the ability to generate relationships of trust with colleagues and clients. We expect those working for Legal Capital to have excellent social skills and intelligence.


At Legal Capital we believe that a solid, united and stable legal team is of outmost importance for providing legal services of the highest standards. 


Discussion and cooperation between colleagues form one of the most important tools for reaching brilliant results, inventing innovative solutions and overcoming obstacles whilst keeping the client’s best interests in focus. 


Our Firm operates based on the meritocracy principle according to our conviction that a case shall be allocated to the person(s) best suited to handling it perhaps because they possess a special skill.


Most of our team have young families and we believe it is important to maintain a healthy balance between professional and private life. The combination of a stimulating and demanding job and rewarding leisure-time has as result that our people contribute more positively to the Firm in terms of both their skills and social input.


We offer the opportunity to work on a big variety of case falling under the heading “commercial law”. We believe that it is helpful to be able to draw parallels between different areas of law and thus find a route to a solution that might not have been apparent without such a broad legal approach.


Although lawyers at Legal Capital shall be first good generalists, we encourage them to develop their special areas of interest and provide the flexibility to allow them to choose their own professional development path.


Our aim is to attract law professionals who share our core values, vision and culture. We appoint new lawyers to keep pace with the growth in demand for our services. 


If you are interested in working for us, please send an application, with your CV and a list of qualifications to info@legalcapital.gr.