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Corporate Governance & Management Compliance

We offer a wide range of services concerning corporate governance & management compliance issues as companies face today increasingly complex legal and regulatory challenges, incurring risks of reputational damage, civil liability, enforcement action and even criminal prosecution. 


Our services include advising on board, board and management committees’ composition (comprising oversight of risk management) as well as board members’ functions and duties including reviewing by-laws and internal guidelines, committee terms of reference, codes of ethics and other governance-related materials designed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and best practices. 


We also have extensive experience advising management bodies on sensitive transactional and litigation-related matters involving potential conflicts of interests. 


Our main areas of work include:

  • rights & responsibilities for stakeholders, board members, committees and managers
  • board and board committee structure
  • business ethics and anti-corruption
  • crisis management
  • management benefits and executive compensation
  • directors’ & officers’ liability issues / D&O agreements
  • internal investigations
  • professional negligence
  • related party transactions
  • reputation and defamation protection
  • committee terms of reference 
  • exercise of shareholders’ rights
  • internal audit issues (duties, independence, supervision),
  • drafting of corporate policies and procedures
  • legal audits
  • corporate social responsibility