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Data protection, privacy & cybersecurity

Data breaches and cybersecurity incidents are multiplied in number, scale and sophistication while regulators crowd the field with an expanding set of requirements and standards.


Such breaches are associated with extremely high reputational and financial risks.


We work with domestic and international companies in assessing data and privacy compliance, formulating proactive information technology and cybersecurity policies, responding to data breaches, advising on notification disclosures and representing them before Greek Courts and supervisory authorities in respect of all data protection issues.


We further offer our clients incident response services, we support them in the development of internal policies and procedures and can offer them tailor made cyber security incident investigation through our close cooperation with the leading cyber security expert company in Greece, Greek Information Security Systems (GRISS), led by the former Police Major General and Director of the Cyber Crime Division of the Hellenic Police, Manos Sfakianakis.


Our main services include:

  • insurance and banking data protection
  • privacy and cybersecurity policies
  • cybersecurity audits
  • privacy statements
  • data security breach and disclosure
  • workplace privacy
  • data processing agreements
  • internet and computer law
  • records retention
  • outsourcing
  • assisting on regulatory investigations
  • data protection criminal issues